Friday, October 12, 2012

Women Should Have Early Retirement

There are women that have worked hard all of their lives. Not all women want to work as hard as a man. There are some women that have like divorced women taking care of children and being mothers.  It was not every woman's choice to have to work. Some were forced into it and eventually became sick from overworking. There are some women that have died being stressed out and sick. Women should have early retirement.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Celebrities in Debt to the Tax Man

Do you owe taxes? It's not just common people that owe taxes. Entertainers owe taxes too and are not paying. I do not understand why they do not pay their taxes and they are rich and famous. It seems that they should have no problem. On second thought, maybe some of the rich and famous are having problems paying their taxes. Maybe some of them are not as rich as we think they are. It seems that their are a lot of celebrities that do not pay their taxes. Wow! I expected some common people to be in debt to the tax man, but I never expected a celebrity.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Donna Summer Died at 63

From YouTube
Donna Summer has died at age 63 from cancer. I was shocked to hear the news today while I was at my job. Quite a few of the co-workers were stunned by the news. We were all talking about how all of our favorite stars are just dying one after another. We had no idea that Donna Summer was ill. I guess maybe she didn't want it to be known to her fans. I have seen her page on Twitter and wanted to talk with her last year. I always wanted to know what Donna thought about Selena Quintanilla's performance of Last Dance and Radio. People loved Donna's music, and it was never forgotten. I loved her music and almost every song that she did. Donna was also a great actress. I will never forget when she appeared with Steve Urkel on Family Matters. I wanted her to know, but it's hard to have a conversation with a lot of singers and entertainers. Sometimes they do not answer, but that's okay. Donna Summer's will be missed.

Here she sings Last Dance As Steve Urkel's Aunt

She appeared on Family Matters twice. Here she 
sings the Gospel.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Drugs, Hollywood, Stars, and Whitney

From YouTube

Whitney Houston is gone now. Too many entertainers are leaving us suddenly, and it is one after another too much for the past few years. The public can see that something is wrong with that picture. Some of them have been shot and killed, some of them have been in accidents and killed, some of them have been found dead like Whitney and Michael Jackson. It leaves many with questions. It makes many friends, co-workers, and family members wonder if there is more than meets the eye. When I say more than meets the eye, we wonder is it all just drugs. Like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston was a big top star with plenty of money. She looked as if she had been crying out for help. She was working on a movie and making a comeback. She appeared to be healing and bam! There is a big turning point. She is dead. Michael Jackson was stepping out to give his all one more time to perform. Suddenly, he is dead. In his actions, he appeared to be crying out for help. Suddenly, he stayed in trouble all of the time. Some things may have been their fault about the drugs, but it leaves you wondering about Hollywood as a whole altogether. It leaves many wondering that all over a sudden stars with good intentions suddenly start acting crazy. Some things do not appear to look like them, but television and newspapers will say that it is them. If you love the stars, then you can't help but question what is going on with them today. We don't want great and beautiful stars just to entertain, but to live long and healthy lives. People that love them are not just fans. They stay away from the public like we are the enemy, but has Hollywood been the enemy?

We know that Whitney Houston did not go to Hollywood with demons. She may have had some problems we did not know about, but it was not drugs. For the most part, she appeared to be a good person. Whitney's songs were better than songs of today. She sung about pure love from the heart. Whitney even sung gospel for us, and she had a beautiful voice praising God. The devil heard her. What kind of songs do you hear now? Most of the time you hear songs that don't make any sense. Through songs, Whitney taught us about love. The Devil do not like anything decent. Whitney had a great purpose in life. I do not care about the drug demons. I know that they were not Whitney.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hollywood Fires

Snip From ABC News
Fire department seems to think that Hollywood fires were done intentionally. I wonder why someone would want to do that to Hollywood? It is said that several more cars burned in suspected arson attacks in the Los Angeles area early Saturday morning. This is a very scary. Early Friday morning, fires were reported in nearly two dozen locations in Hollywood and the city of West Hollywood during a four-hour period before dawn. I hope that the problem is solved soon.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Woman Steals From Bank

Greenville News
I have seen everything. GREENVILLE, N.C. - Police are investigating a type of bank robbery after an older woman handed a teller a disturbing note and went off with money. You know our world is getting desperate and bad. There are no jobs, and people are needing money. It's got to be bad for an old lady to rob a bank. That is the first time that I have ever heard of a woman and old on top of that robbing a bank. It is said that she had no weapons. Just a note saying that a child would be hurt. What next?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Breast Cancer? Does a Doctor Really Know?

At first, my mother's doctor said she had breast cancer. She was the kind of doctor who really did not listen to how you felt. My mother felt like she just had an infection. However, you know doctors. They call everything cancer. In the end, my mother was told that she did not have breast cancer. I wonder did her doctor really know. It was too late anyway. The Chemo was too much to bare, and my mother wasn't getting any better. She just couldn't hang on. Yes, my mother had some stress in life, but I think her sickness was the biggest part of stress in her life.

Read how stress and aggressive breast cancer goes together.